Wealth (AJE) is the abundance of valuable resources or material possession or the control of such assets . The festival symbolises peace, unity, wealth and prosperity for the people. Odun Aje the festival for the veneration and worship of the goddess Aje, who is the guardian goddess for wealth, profit, wealth creation and sustenance among the Yoruba race. If an individual wants to be wealthy the physical things he or she must engage in are quite apparent. For example, a trader at Oshodi market must get a shop and decide upon what to sell in the shop.

Aje is responsible for profit making in the market place, and in fact, supervises the entire aspects of life that relates to money. It behoves us to note the special place of this goddess in the traditional economy of the Yoruba race as it centres on the open air market place of old which of course still exists today.


What is the Oriki (or praise names) of Aje: I will render it in Yoruba:

Aje ogungunniso

Arin gini gini w’oja

Olupese Oro Owinrinkinsisi

Olokun Semi Ade  

Elegbeje Ado

Bukusa Oro

Alukubeli ti deru bosi

Odudun asode dero

Aje je ki nni o lowo


Aje osu na asebi

Aje ti so eru d’omo

Oosa ni we iya okin


Aje nii weri omo

Onipasan owere

Aje dakun ma na mi ni pasan re ko se naani

A na omo na yeye

Pasan re ko se na ni

Aje nii so ewe dagba

Kos i Oosa taa deyin aje se

Je ki n ri ona

Je ki nri o mulo lati se gbogbo nkan ti no fe se

Ki nri n muse ohun rere

Owo yeri yero okin

Aje o o pomo b’imo oro.


General theory of social movement of Smelser (1963). In line with the theory, the structural imbalances and inadequacies in Nigeria during the military rule particularly the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, political marginalization, and economic deprivation of the south west created an enabling condition for people’s agitations and restiveness. The police are expected to prevent crime, bring sanity to the disorderliness of Nigerian polity and maintain social order.

      Their failure to effectively manage the security apparatus of the society brought about the operations of primordial groups such as OPC (Ajayi, 2008). Other parameters such as structure strain, growth and spread of generalized beliefs, precipitating factor, mobilization for action and social control contribute in different proportions to the formation of the social movement aimed at fighting for rights and privileges of the society. According to Ajayi (2008) what is being established here is that there is crime problem in the south west of Nigeria and the police seems incapable of arresting the phenomenon. This was one of the major reasons why OPC and other self help groups got involved in crime prevention in the south west of Nigeria


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