The National Coordinating Council of Oodua People’s Congress has announced the expulsion of some members for anti congress activities and gross indiscipline which will portray OPC as anti-people and a lawless organisation.


The OPC Director of Media and Publicity, Barrister Oguntimehin, announced the expulsion of some members of the OPC from its list of accredited members. "We cannot afford to keep and shelter lawlessness and agents of ridicule to continue tarnishing the image of the organization. There is no more room in OPC for hooliganism and any elements that cannot conform with the ideals and dictates of contemporary self-determinism and ideal society. Yes we have, adore, respect, reverend our traditional ways, mode, strategy of self-determinism which nobody can take away from us. We are ready to defend the territorial and cultural integrity of Yoruba land anywhere, any time at any moment, with all our strength, ability and gut. But this will be done within the prism of civility and high sense of decorum. The time of using OPC for ventures other than the avowed vision is gone. We will not hesitate to hand over unscrupulous elements who may like to use our identity and name for nefarious acts to the law enforcement agencies. This is a pointer to others. Many more will still have to go because a serious internal self cleaning is ongoing, for we are in the time of great changes."

The National Coordinating Council of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, now officially announced the expulsion of some members for anti-congress activities and gross indiscipline which might portray OPC as anti-people and a lawless organisation. The former and now expelled members are Morruf Salami (Former Kwara State Coordinator), Adeola Adeagbo (Former Oyo State Coordinator), Rotimi Akinsowon (Former Ondo State Coordinator, Boye Mayungbe (Former Baba Oodua), Akeem Ologburo (Former Bayelsa Coordinator). The Congress frowns seriously at the expelled members who have exhibited gross anti-congress activities and gross disloyalty to the entire Yoruba race an acts that may bring the Congress to public ridicule.

OPC, over the years, have come out of various negative perceptions and the congress have through its activities which include cultural promotions and humanitarian services, complementing the efforts of security agencies, especially in South West; the formation of OPU spread across 63 countries over the world, to allow such ill-mannered people to be in leadership positions, thereby breeding anti- societal elements Subsequently they have been replaced with Oguntunde Rotimi Olumo (Oyo),Pius Ogunsanya(Ondo), who are to act as state coordinators and take charge of the state secretariats while competent hands will soon be appointed for other states. The media and the general public are therefore alerted and warned to stop associating with them under the platform of OPC.


Barrister Oguntimehin

Director of Media and Publicity

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