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Generation after generation, Yoruba has always had individuals or group whose contribution to events during the time they live helped shape the course of history. From pre-history there were several of such men and women, and to date, there are  still  many of  such individuals,  whose contribution to the growth and development of Yoruba nation cannot be forgotten; while we may not list every individual, at least some  will be mentioned and their contributions.

Yoruba Heroes/Heroines

Contributions to Yoruba  Nation

A scholar, an educationist, administrator, and a historian. His contributions to document Yoruba history has been phenomenal.

The first professor of education in Nigeria, one of the fathers of modern education in Nigeria. A teacher of teachers, and instructor of instructors. An author, a curriculum developer. The development of primary and secondary education curricular can be traced Ọladele Taiwo.

An educationist, advocate for mother tongue in education. An author, a researcher, a curriculum developer,  above all, designer of 6-3-3-4 education system.

A linguist, an author, and administrator. A foremost language teacher of international repute  whose works are reference point.

An actor,  a playwright, he promoted Yoruba culture through the TV drama series of “Kootu Aṣipa.”  An eloquent speaker, he was highly respected for his deep knowledge of Yoruba, which he did with ease as he interspersed talks with apt Yoruba proverbs.

He belonged to the first generation of civil servant in Nigeria. A pace setter whose skills and expertise were sought after. Chief Adebọ built the Western Nigeria civil service in the fifties. A first class administrator and a former Nigeria representative to UN.

A world class industrialist, he established several companies solely, or in partnership. Members of several economic/industrial organizations home and abroad. He died in 1976

A footballer of international repute, the team captain of old IICC (Ibadan football team), and lead member of 1980 National football team/squard- Green Eagles that lifted the  African Cup of Nations trophy for Nigeria.

An industrialist, a  management guru,  first Nigerian managing-director of Lever Brothers (now Unilever).

There are many that passed through this planet with wisdom and talents but few are they that utilize these God-given gifts to the glory of God and the welfare of their people. Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams is a man of many parts; a visionary leader, a charismatic political activist, a reliable champion of rights of the masses, an embodiment of political morality and an epitome of humility. He is also a well known traditionalist to the core, and above all a God fearing leader who believes in Christianity, Islam and Traditional religions. The Almighty God who knew the roles destined for him to play on earth brought him into the world through a union of two great families of Pa Lamidi Adams and Late Madam Dada Adams, nee Aduloju.

Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams was born on 30th April, 1970 at Arigidi-Akoko in the present Akoko North-West Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria. He attended many primary schools due to the nature of his father’s job. He started at the Army Children’s School, Oturkpo until primary (3) before his father was again transferred to Lagos, where he completed his Primary School Education at Municipal Primary School, Surulere, Lagos in 1980. He attended Ansar-Ud-deen Secondary School, Randle Avenue, Surulere before he went for furniture making and interior decorating training which he successfully completed in 1987.

He was later employed by Italian Construction Company, Visinoni Stabilini, Apapa, Lagos and voluntarily resigned after some spell to establish his own furniture making/Interior decoration business. As a result of the bastardization of the Socio-Political and economic life of the country, Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams became an active Pro-Democracy Activist in 1992, when he pitched his tent with Campaign for Democracy (CD). And he later became the Public Relations Officer of Mushin Local Government Chapter in 1993. He was a foundation member of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) when it was formed in 1994 and he was the first Deputy National Coordinator and now the National Coordinator.

Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams presents an interesting character with his crusade of selfless commitment to protecting Yoruba interest not minding whatever happens to him in the course of his struggle; it is obvious he has acted his script into history book. In spite of the vicissitude, Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams is optimistic with great hopes and unwavering determination that Nigeria cannot survive as a UNITARIAN nation state unless the union is decentralized and the federating units granted self-determination status and self autonomy. In his drive for self improvement, he bagged a Diploma in Tourism Management from the International Aviation School, Tema, Ghana in 2003.

To further sharpen his academic capabilities, he bagged a Diploma in International Affairs and Strategic Studies from the Lagos State University (LASU). As a strong believer in the attributes of the Yoruba culture, he had promoted several festivals, including Osun Osogbo and Oke Ibadan festivals, and he is also educating our people about Ifa and promising to bring on some other festivals in the nearest future. He has carried his cultural crusade across the Nigerian borders to Brazil, Ghana, Ethiopia and recently Namibia. Other Commitments It is also breath-taking to know that Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams steers the ships of these viable and development oriented organizations.

One of them is the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), a socio-cultural organization that was established in 1994 to champion the course of the Yoruba race following the iniquitous annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election by the erstwhile military despot, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. Among its major objectives are: to protect the interest of the Yoruba people in the nation-state called Nigeria; to fight for justice for the oppressed Nigerian’s; to agitate for a genuine federalism in Nigeria; and to clamour for and support self-determination struggle in all ramifications. In conclusion, he participated fully at the National Peace Forum in the interest of peace and unity among Nigerians, and was subsequently appointed a Peace Envoy. Besides, he is also a quintessence of peace and it was in recognition of his penchant for pacifism that he was awarded the Ambassador for peace by the Universal Peace Federation and International Federation for World Peace.He was also a delegate to the just concluded National Confab


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