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Generation after generation, Yoruba has always had individuals or group whose contribution to events during the time they live helped shape the course of history. From pre-history there were several of such men and women, and to date, there are  still  many of  such individuals,  whose contribution to the growth and development of Yoruba nation cannot be forgotten; while we may not list every individual, at least some  will be mentioned and their contributions.

Yoruba Heroes/Heroines

Contributions to Yoruba  Nation

An economist, administrator, and a politician. He began his career as a civil servant and became a permanent secretary. A former Secretary to the Government of the Federation under General Babangida.  A presidential candidate of AD/ANP in 1999 presidential elections.

An industrialist, a  manager, and a former managing–director of UACN, before

Appointed as Interim Head of Government  in 1993.

Unrepentant Awoist and a former governor of Lagos state, he introduced several mass oriented programs between 1979-1983. His performance as Lagos State governor was so great that he became a reference point for public officers. He received a ten-year sentenced in 1963 with Chief Obafemi Awolowo during the treason trial.

The first governor of Lagos state from 1967-1975. He built Lagos and other followed; one of the two governors free of corrupt charges after the 1975 military coup.

The governor of Western state from 1971- 1975, his era witnessed infrastructural development in the west; the other governor free of corrupt charges after the 1975 military coup.

Nigeria media history is incomplete without Alhaji Babatunde Jọsẹ  the former managing-director of Daily Times, the largest newspaper in West-Africa.  An administrator par excellence, he took Daily Times to enviable height, set high standard for the practice of journalism, and by extension, mass communication. He developed the best crop of media men and women of his time. He was sacked in 1975 by General Murtala Mohammed, when the Federal Government acquired 60 per cent equity in Daily Times.

Journalists in Nigeria will ever be grateful to the column writer under the name “Allah-Dey”; Alhaji Ọdunewu an example of hard-work, intelligence, forthrightness in journalism. As columnist, he added value to his writings by providing detailed information, not in encumber way, rather in a flawless literary style. His weekly column was “a-must-red-by all” which set agenda for the policy makers of his days,  more important, he became  a valuable gate-keeper.

A journalist, a politician, a former governor of Ogun State, and un-repentant federalist, who believed in a new Nigeria based on equality, fairness and justice. He was among the ten lieutenants jailed with Chief Obafemi Awolowo in 1963.

A banker of highest order, he belonged to the first generation of Nigerian bankers; a former governor Central Banker.


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